Marketing madness

 Michel Krzyzanowski 

Originally it was planned to relax in Poland.

The three weeks of working for the project “The most beautiful people in the world” in Mumbai, India together with senior team members Marjolein van Veen and Karine Versluis had been rather exhausting.
Often difficult situations and circumstances and limited comfort and diversions.
Even the massage centre around the corner was closed for renovation.

Therefore the idea was to go to Poland and enjoy the hospitality of the family and spend the days reading books.
To recover of the extreme trip to India.

“Shantaram”, the book by Gregory David Roberts playing in Mumbai was packed.
Hemingway’s “Across the river and into the trees”.
John Steinbeck’s “The log from the Sea of Cortez”.
A book by the Belgium writer Hugo Claus: “Het verdriet van België”.
And the fascinating book about Mumbai “Karma Sutra” by friend Rajendar Menen.