Yoga Stories

By Rajendar Menen

Yoga Stories is a new book featuring a collection of true stories from people all around the world, that all revolve around the ancient art and science of Yoga, and the changes that its practice can bring about.  Co-Authored by Elizabeth Anna and Jacob Daniel, this book is a menagerie of uplifting, encouraging, and sometimes funny testimonials. 

Look inside, and you will find Carson Zi’s story of overcoming massive drug addictions:

“In total it took only 10 weeks to completely stop taking methadone and I experienced no withdrawals at all.  This is a miracle by any definition, and can only be understood when viewing the experience through the understanding that consistent application of effective yoga practices results in the purification of the human nervous system.”

Learn how Yogi G came to find humor and peace in an increasingly demanding and chaotic world, and how it happened by discovering a new style of Yoga while stuck in the bathroom:

“…the simple craziness of everything came to me as a revelation and I laughed myself free of my predicament.  In this moment I discovered Kahmic Yoga.” 

Enjoy the insightful and poetic language of Rajendar Menen, as he observes himself transforming from within and finding new balance:

“Old and new demons marry and surface occasionally in terrifying forms.  Jumpy biorhythms also compete with an anarchic world to throw me off balance.  But yoga definitely helps in maintaining peace.”

Each story, whether complex or simple, was selected for its relevance in today’s world, and the people and perspectives it may directly communicate with.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Yoga Stories, is being donated to the “Yoga for Happy Kids Project,” founded by Dr.Irena Vagner. Irena introduces Yoga practices into elementary schools, with the understanding that the earlier in life we are taught to look inward for our day to day strength, healing, self-esteem, prosperity and balance, the better. You can read Dr.Vagner’s story, of how “Yoga for Happy Kids” came to be, in Yoga Stories.

Interspersed with beautiful quotes and color therapy artwork, Yoga Stories is intended to bring about a sense of harmony, well being, empowerment, and self-awareness, through personal connection, bringing the attention back, to that inherent Perfection residing deep within us All.